Featured Sponsor – Waverley Abbey Trust

At Waverley Abbey Trust we believe in helping people to love God and love all. Living that way makes a positive impact in every walk of life, and particularly in prisons.

We provide free Bible-reading notes to prisons, which guide people in how to live every day with Jesus. Many prisoners find these devotionals to be a helpful spiritual guide, while they carry out their sentences. Reading about the ways in which Jesus walks alongside us, especially through dark times, can be a huge encouragement. We’re often told that the notes are “eagerly awaited” by prisoners, and many inmates find a new relationship with God after they engage with these devotionals.

We also train chaplains through Waverley Abbey College. Chaplains bring the love of God to prisons in tangible, practical ways. Walking alongside prisoners, they provide non-judgmental support. Whether that’s creating a safe space in which to share troubles and concerns, or being a reliable connection to the outside world, chaplains use their specialist training to care for prisoners.

Did you know that around 80% of crime in the UK is drink or drugs related? The reasons people turn to this escapism, and therefore the root causes of many crimes, are; addiction, shame, anger, anxiety, and despair. Overcoming those issues is complex. But many prisoners find our Insight range of books helpful as a starting place. The Insight books and e-learning courses lift the lid on these issues and help people understand the thought processes and mindsets that keep them stuck.

In response to a donation of 50 copies of Insight books on Anger, Shame and Self-Acceptance, one prison chaplain said, “You have no idea how well these types of books are received.” People are hungry to understand more about their inner struggles, and these books offer illuminating, digestible teaching.

With a range of books, resources and chaplaincy support, prisoners are encountering God and finding life-affirming change. Chaplains are using these resources to partner with the Holy Spirit and bring hope and love to prisoners.

That’s why we’re committed to Prison Week. We want to see more of God’s Kingdom sweep through the prison system. And that movement needs prayer behind it. Prayer is the power-house that drives the change we want to see. We’d like to see more prisoners have access to books, resources and chaplains. And we’d like a powerful move of God in more of our prisons nationwide.

Visit https://www.waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk/ for more information.