Featured Sponsor – PACT

Pact is a pioneering national charity that supports prisoners, people with convictions, and their children and families. We provide caring and life changing services at every stage of the criminal justice process: in court, in prison, on release, and in the community.

We believe in the innate worth and dignity of every human being, whatever they may have done. We believe in walking alongside those affected by imprisonment, for whom life may be unbearably difficult but who are nevertheless part of ‘us’. We believe in the value of listening to those among us who have lived experience of the criminal justice system. We ensure that those voices shape change in Pact, in the criminal justice system, and in parishes.

Our President Cardinal Vincent Nichols says, ’This work is a direct expression of our discipleship and a very concrete expression of our desire to serve the Lord in those who are most vulnerable.’

We work for the common good of Society, taking a public health-based approach. Our services operate at the intersection of criminal justice, child and family welfare, mental health, wellbeing provision and health & social care. Our Faith in Action team works to empower parishes and groups to become places where prisoners, people with conviction and their families can feel known and loved.

We are proud to join with like-minded organisations in supporting Prisons Week together.

Visit https://www.prisonadvice.org.uk/ for more information.