Featured Sponsor – Junction 42

Junction 42 was established in 2012, with the founding team bringing more than 45 years’ combined experience of working in prisons and offenders in the community.

We work in prisons and communities across northeast England and central Scotland supporting people throughout the journey of custody and rehabilitation. Seeing lives set free, transformed, and empowered is the reason Junction 42 exists. Our aim is simple: to see the lives of offenders and their communities visibly transformed through support, empowerment, and opportunity. We know that helping people into sustainable independence can require years of dedication but we are in it for the long haul.

Our support is lasting and – ordinarily – is built around programmes of ?Creative Engagement, Entrepreneurship and Faith provision in prison, and Employability and Faith projects in the community. Given the current COVID-19 emergency, we are adapting to the lock-down by implementing innovative means of engaging our clients and their families, creating community, and bringing hope whilst they self-isolate. This includes using online craft, fitness, and cookery competitions, carrying out doorstep deliveries and check-ins, having in-cell phone calls, and discipleship video calls to continue to engage and support our men and women.

Visit https://www.junction42.org/ for more information