Featured Sponsor – GOOD NEWS for Everyone!

Formerly known as ‘GideonsUK’ we have made several significant changes in our Association over the past few years, most importantly opening our work for both men and women to join in their own right and on the same basis. We also have a new emblem showing an open Bible rather than a closed jar, to better reflect the work we undertake – placing and presenting the precious Word of God.

Our members are men and women, representing a wide range of denominations and backgrounds, who simply want to introduce others to Jesus by placing and presenting Bibles and Testaments in many different areas of everyday life, including schools, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities, sports clubs, etc.

A significant area of Scripture distribution is our work in prisons, which is why we have a very special interest in supporting Prisons Week.  By God’s Grace and the support of prison chaplaincy, we have been able to present many thousands of Testaments to prisoners over the years, including Bibles for prison cells and Testaments to prison officers and staff, often with the prison badge on the front.

It is always an encouragement to receive a letter from a prisoner sharing how the Testament they received or the Bible in their cell was used under the power of the Holy Spirit to lead them to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the video you will hear a little of Andy’s story.

Andy is now released from prison and works for an organisation that helps men recently released from prison.  He has since written:

My life in Christ is unrecognisable from the lost soul I was in that segregation cell.  Not only has God transformed me, He has given me gifts, blessings that would fill a book.  A life full of hope, love, and peace.  No longer useless but useful.  Today I owe my life to Jesus for I know He gently spoke to me that night.  Without Him I have nothing, I am nothing.

The power of the Word of God.  No one else in that prison cell but the Word of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Please visit https://goodnewsuk.com/ for more information.