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We believe that our sponsors and supporters are among the finest organisations working for those affected by prisons. Thanks to their support, Prisons Week has reached more people and gathered momentum over recent years. As we make a call for prayer across the body of the church, we also raise awareness of their efforts, encouraging a response to serve.

Sponsorship by Christian organisations has successfully covered the cost of producing and distributing prayer leaflets, website and videos to promote the Prisons Week campaign each year. The ‘in-kind’ support we receive is crucial, from including prayer leaflets in publications to offering afree meeting venue for the working group and board of reference.

Encouraged by an increased level of national engagement and awareness during Prisons Week in the last few years, we are excited about the potential for building on this momentum to encourage prayer and practical response. We would welcome a conversation with anyone interested in our sponsorship package or in providing ‘in-kind’ support from their services and resources to further the work of Prisons Week.

Please contact our Chair, Bob Wilson at:

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During forty years, Prisons Week has been blessed with financial and ‘in kind’ support from many Christian organisations and individuals who sharethe aims of the week to pray for restored lives and transformed communities amongst those affected by imprisonment.

We employ no staff and the work required to facilitate Prisons Week is carried out by a small working group who offer their time in addition to full time roles within their charities and organisations. They see their involvement as a personal, faithful and fruitful response to a gospel imperative. Our costs are extremely modest and we have no central overheads.

OUR SPONSORS receive 1,000 printed copies of the Prisons Week prayer leaflet each year for distribution within their church or organisation have their logo on the printed prayer leaflet and on the website may be invited to submit content for the website relating to their work may use the PrisonsWeek logo within their own publications and describe themselves as a sponsor are invited to join the Prison Week Board of Reference which meets twice a year contribute £500 p/a for three years.

OUR SUPPORTERS have their logo on the printed prayer leaflet and on the website are invited to regional and national Prisons Week events contribute a significant gift in kind to benefit or add value to Prisons Week from within their own assets or operations.

Sponsors and supporters must declare that they share the ethos and aims of Prisons Week and will be vetted by the Prisons Week team for their suitability.

Our sponsors

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